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Your Voice: An Inside View 3

The third edition of the classic voice science & pedagogy text, including an all-new chapter on the brain and cognition by Lynn Helding

Scott McCoy

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Now taking pre-orders at 25% discount. All people who pre-purchase Inside View 3 will receive a complementary download of the digital (encrypted PDF) version of Your Voice: 2nd Edition. This special offer is not available with the iBooks version of the e-text.



Singing: The Timeless Muse, compiled by Darlene C. Wiley

Wiley has compiled twenty essays by prominent singers, pianists, composers, producers, medical doctors, musicologists, and others, that explore the diversity of the voice and singing, along with our human response to the voice and song. Now available for immeidate shipping. More information


Great Teachers on Great Singing, by Robin Rice

Robin Rice has chronicled the teaching techniques of 14 distinguished, highly successful singing teachers currently working in The United States. The book includes interviews, observations, and the vocal exercises employed by these masters of the teaching art. Now available for immediate shipping. More information



Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy: Motivating Acoustic Efficiency, by Kenneth W. Bozemzn

Kenneth Bozeman does a remarkable job of making voice science understandable and accessible to every student and voice teacher.  In Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy, Bozeman makes clear that the innate response of the body to express is the foundation for ideal Western classical singing, using today’s technology to back his argument.  No longer do voice scientists and the masters of Italian bel canto have to fight over how to teach.  Kenneth Bozeman has married the two beautifully. More information


Provenance, by Stephen F. Austin

An anthology of fifty-nine articles and essays that originally appeared in the Journal of Singing from 2005-2016. Austin’s work links historic and contemporary voice teaching, with additional support provided by voice science. Each new generation of singing teachers seems to think it must “reinvent the wheel:” Austin clearly proves that there is an alternate, more effective path to vocal excellence, based on the work of the greatest teachers in the history of singing. More information


Your Voice: the Basics, by Scott McCoy

The long awaited abridged version of "Your Voice: An Inside View." The new book follows the pattern of the original, providing full multimedia support. The discussion of voice and musical acoustics is entirely new, streamlined and made much more "user friendly," and should be clearly understandable to all readers. Other material is adapted and abridged from the original "Your Voice" text. Ideal for undergraduate instruction, voice classes, and in independent voice studios. Also available as an e-book. More information


Hard copy is on backorder, pending shipment of new 3rd Edition, scheduled to arrive around April 1, 2019.
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Your Voice: an Inside View, 2nd edition, by Scott McCoy

Your Voice: An Inside View is the premier multimedia resource for voice pedagogy and entry-level voice science instruction. This book is currently the most widely used text in voice pedagogy and music education programs in the United States and Canada. Beginning with guided listening exercises to develop a systematic way to describe vocal qualities, the book continues with voice acoustics, methods of voice analysis, anatomy & physiology, vocal health, registration, articulation, and hearing. The language is accessible and material is presented from the perspective of a singer, not a scientist! More information

Literature for Teaching, Christopher Arneson

Literature for Teaching presents a systematic approach for evaluating and assigning repertoire to students of singing, based on a set of rubrics that quantify levels of technical and musical difficulty. Using this text, you will learn how to evaluate repertoire for your own use as a singer or teacher.  Over 200 songs and arias are analyzed in detail. A massive index of over 800 songs and arias classifies individual selections according to their optimal pedagogic use.  Compiled with the assistance of Lauren Athey-Janka. More information

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Solo Vocal Repertoire for Singers and Teachers of Singers, by Christopher Arneson & Lauren Athey-Janka. In five volumes.

Arneson and Athey-Janka have compiled companion anthologies to complement Literature for Teaching. Each volume includes 10 songs and arias in Italian, German, French, and English, with specific vocal exercises to master the technical demands of each selection. Includes phonetic transcriptions and translations.


Fundamentals of Great Vocal Technique, by Michael Trimble
Compiled and edited by Christopher Arneson and Richard diRenzi

Trimble's book enlightens readers about vocal technique as taught by the masters of Bel Canto and practiced by the greatest singers of the 19th and 20th centuries. His insights are based on a pedagogic foundation of personal experience, interviews with famous singers, and historically significant texts. The book is full of wonderful anecdotes about famous singers and their vocal techniques, ranging from Enrico Caruso and Luciano Pavarotti, to Lilli Lehmann and Zinka Milanov--many of whom were his personal friends, colleagues, and mentors, and with whom he shared the opera stage around the world. Also available as an e-book. More information

Resonance in Singing: Voice Building through Acoustic Feedback, by Donald G. Miller

Science will never replace art in singing and teaching. But it can—and does—inform the art, enabling singers to perform with optimal beauty and vocal efficiency through a technique that is grounded in fact, not wishful thinking. Pioneers like Donald Miller are at the forefront of this movement. It is not coincidental that Miller is among that exceptionally rare breed: he is a trained scientist who also is a successful professional singer and college singing teacher. His work will help us all become better singers and teachers, while moving voice pedagogy toward full integration with scientific reality. Includes VoceVista voice analysis software. More information

A Most Rewarding Independent Music Studio, by Laurie Lee Cosby & Donna Hinds Sawyers

This first-of-its-kind user's manual by Cosby & Sawyers will guide your path as you establish a successful—and profitable—independent music studio. Inspired by their own collaborative venture, Studio Bella Voce, the authors share their insights with engaging honesty and humor, relating the highs and lows en route to a thriving musical venture. All independent music teachers—from singers to trombonists—will benefit from their joint wisdom. A must-have for the private or independent teacher--not to mention collegiate pedagogy practicum classes! More information


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Sing into your Sixties... And Beyond! by Sangeetha Rayapati

Rayapati's book breaks new ground in the pedagogic literature for singing. While information about the aging voice is plentiful in the disciplines of speech language pathology and audiology, few resources have been available that focus on voice training for mature singers—despite the fact that a major demographic shift is about to occur in our nation! In addition to her experience with aging singers as a conductor and chorister, she has provided voice instruction in group and one-on-one settings to people of all ages. More information

The Kid and the Singing Teacher, instructional DVD by Robert Edwin and Barbara Arboleda

Forget the mythology! Join Robert and Barbara on an entertaining, educational adventure that will increase your knowledge and comfort in teaching children to sing. This program is packed with over 2 hours of voice pedagogy and physiology, along with plenty of opportunity to see these in action with real children. Included is a special section on voice disorders and two complete mini lessons to help incorporate what you will learn. Dive in, meet the kids, and feel their passion for song! This comprehensive, ground-breaking DVD is packed with over 2 hours of pedagogy, examples and entertainment! More information